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Montbello School Uniforms










Montbello High School Uniform Policy


Montbello High School will require that all students wear uniforms during the 2007-2008 uniforms.  Information on what is and is not allowed is explained more in detail below in the section titled “Appropriate Dress for School.” The purpose of the dress code is noted below:tute uniforms at MHS.

1.    Our school mission is to Educate and Empower all students to become Productive world citizens.  We plan to work to prepare all of our future MHS graduates for college and ultimately a career.  A part of doing this is helping students learn that there are dress expectations that come with a career.
2.    We believe that uniforms will assist will help us improve the overall safety of our school.  We want to be able to easily identify Montbello High School students.  The neighborhood in general has had issues with gang activity and we want to better distinguish our students from other school age students who do not belong on our campus.  This will also assist our neighbors in positively identifying Montbello High School students who may be behaving inappropriately in the community.  Presently we respond to several situations that do not involve our students due to the inability to distinguish between who does and does not attend MHS.
3.    We want to make it easier for all school staff to help us restrict all inappropriate clothing from our school.  On a daily basis we are confronting students who are wearing gang related clothing, provocative clothing, as well as clothing that contains inappropriate images involving weapons, drugs, tobacco, and sexual connotations. A uniform will help with the consistent enforcement of the dress code and at the same time make it clear that other clothing items do not belong in our school.
4.    Students had a hard time conforming to our dress code this year.  Our dress code allowed them to wear jeans and their choice of styles and colors on collared shirts.  Daily we confront several students who come to school dress inappropriately.  We continue to deal with students who are harassed for their clothing and this is something that we want to put a stop to immediately.
5.    Receiving an education and progressing towards high school graduation and the eventual pursuit of a career that requires a postsecondary education is what high school students should be primarily focused on.  At Montbello High School we want our students to be focused on getting their diploma and going to some institution to pursue a career.  For many of our students a focus on clothing and accessories are too much of a distraction and move them away from their primary reason for attending our school.  We plan to work hard to change this focus.
6.    We believe that promoting the Montbello High School Warriors over the individual will be a step in the right direction to restore a sense of pride in our students.  We want them to promote who they are, what they are striving to become, and that they are proud to be Warriors.

Although there is much debate around the subject of uniforms, please know that we do not believe that uniforms by themselves will fix all of the issues we are trying to address.  We know that must continue to improve in how we connect with our students, how we provide education for them, and improving two-way communication with parents and guardians. 

Wearing uniforms will not be optional at Montbello High School.  We are providing information early to families so that they have the time to prepare financially to budget for the purchase of uniforms for school.  All students will be required to wear uniforms every day at MHS.  We have selected a variety of tops and we welcome parents, guardians, and community members to purchase items for them.  Along with uniform selections to be worn during the regular school day we will also have a variety of other “spirit pack” items (hats, shorts, sweatshirts, polo’s, etc.) that will be available for students, parents, staff, and community members to order to wear to MHS events to show our school pride.  (Note spirit pack items can NOT be worn in place of uniform items during the school day).

                                                                                                APPROPRIATE DRESS FOR SCHOOL



When you come to school, this is your work place.  It is important that students dress in an acceptable manner that will not distract from the educational experience of others.  We are committed to maintaining a safe environment at our school. 

The Montbello High School Uniform Policy consists of wearing an approved shirt with a Montbello High School logo.  The shirt must be tucked into the pants, shorts, or skirt and the student is required to wear a belt if the pants, shorts, or skirt does not stay on the natural waist without one.   Pants should be khaki or black slacks, Dockers, or similar style pants.  (No Jeans Allowed).  Exact items for the Montbello High School Uniforms can be found on the Montbello High School website Montbello.dpsk12.org.  To order uniforms click here.



The following Dress Code must be adhered to by all MHS Students:


  • Students are to wear one of the approved shirts and only the approved colors.
  • Students may NOT wear any shirt longer than their primary uniform shirt.  (This excludes matching long-sleeve shirts worn under jerseys on Spirit days). 
  • The Montbello High School logo must be visible at all times.
  • Pants must be worn on the student’s natural waist.
  • Students will NOT be allowed to wear any clothing (including coats, jackets, or hoodies) to class that are not a part of the MHS uniform.  Long-sleeve selections and a sweatshirt have been included for students to choose to wear should they have some classrooms that are cold.
  • Shorts and skirts must be an acceptable length (fingertip length).  If there is a question students will be asked to change.  No exceptions to this rule including leggings. 
  • Headgear (caps, picks, combs, scarves, rags, nets, etc.) may not be worn in the building or during the day on school grounds and will be confiscated and NOT returned if worn in the building.
  • Accessory chains, jewelry with spikes, etc. are not permitted
  • Coats may not be worn to class.  The only exception is when you are going outside for lunch during cold weather.   Or entering and leaving the building. 
  • Pajamas and house shoes are not acceptable.
  • Belt buckles with initials on them, wristbands, and headbands are also NOT allowed.  Belts must wrap around the waist and not hang from the waist.
  • Inappropriate clothing items found in our school will be confiscated and NOT returned.
  • Students may wear their class jerseys on Friday’s which are spirit days at MHS.
  • Students must wear a white T-Shirt or long-sleeve shirt under the basketball class jersey.
  • Athletes ARE allowed to wear their team jerseys on game day per their coach’s expectations.
  • Cheerleaders ARE allowed to wear their cheerleading uniform on game days per their coach’s expectations.
  • Students ARE allowed to wear button-down shirts under the sweater vest that do not have the MHS logo.  In these cases the sweater vest MUST be worn at all times.  The shirt must match an accepted school color or the student will be asked to change.




Montbello High School has a “ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY ON GANGS”.  Our students do NOT want the gang influence at our school and are tired of the perception that we have a gang problem.  STUDENTS WHO DISREGARD OUR UNIFORM EXPECTATION WILL BE WITHDRAWN FROM MONTBELLO HIGH SCHOOL AND GIVEN THE OPTION OF AN ALTERNATIVE SCHOOL SETTING.  If a student is dressed inappropriately, the student will be given an opportunity to make the appropriate changes at school.  We do NOT want to send student home for violations of the dress code policy.  Students who refuse to change into uniform will be sent home and may return dressed in the appropriate uniform.  The decision of the building administration will be final in determining proper dress.

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