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Battalion Staff

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Battalion Staff 10th Battalion Command and Staff


I am C/LTC Omar Ortiz the 10th Warriors Battalion Commander here at the Montbello Campus 2015-2016. I am responsible for everything the battalion does or fails to do. This position comes with great responsibility and authority and I'm excited for a successful 2014-2015 school year. With the shared campus, Collegiate Preparatory Academy and Denver Center of International Studies and Noel Community of the Arts have also successfully joined our JROTC battalion. With this addition, we will work harder to become the best battalion in the 5th Brigade.


I am C/MAJ Darius Nickles , and I am the Executive Officer of the 10th Battlion 2015-2016. I command the Staff and directly assist the Battalion Commander. I am responsible for all that staff does and fails to do.

I am C/CPT . I am the S-1 Luis Cuevas of 2015-2016 10th Battalion. I am responsible for maintaining current cadet records. As the S-1, my goal is to process cadets into JUMS 328, and all other personal actions they may be involved in.
On the Battalion Staff, I am expecting organization, strong determination, and leadership. I am also hoping for a successful year.

I am C/CPT Juan C. Diaz, the S-2 of this year's Battalion Staff 2015-2016. I ensure that everything in the JROTC vicinity is safe and secure, as well as take care of any violations of security. I also cross-train with S-4 for inventory of sensitive materials.

I am C/CPT Crystal Perez, the Battalion S-3; Operations and Training Officer. I am the principle assistant to the Battalion Commander for operations and training. I prepare weekly training schedule two weeks in advanced with the Master Training Schedule and perform examinations, analysis, and recommend changes to the SAI. I place the exams and Cadet Challenge information into JUMS.
I maintain an inventory of all training references and training aids, and keep with current programs of instructions.
  I am C/CPT Peter Lubembela, the Supply and Logistics Officer, also known as the S-4, of the 10th Battalion 2014-2015. As the S-4, I keep track of clothing records and maintain an updated record of supply paperwork. I assist the SAI, ROTC instructors, and Company Commanders concerning uniform issues and hand receipts of each and every cadet.

I am C/2 LT Eliana Williams, the Information and Publicity Officer. As the IPO, I update upcoming events and conduct photographic coverage of battalion events. I also publish a newsletter article on a monthly basis to keep all cadets informed of events and are aware of what goes on around the battalion.



I am C/2LT Joon Baang , the Technical Management Officer. My job as TMO is to assist the Battalion CMDR, the SAI, and the Battalion Staff in Technical matters pertaining to computers and networks by maintaining the web page and network maintenance for 10th Battalion.


I am C/CSM Ivan Hernandez. I am the president of the cadet of the month boards, I hold the First Sergeant meetings, and I am the Color Guard Commander.



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